Jellyvision talks people through big life decisions, like selecting a health insurance plan, saving for retirement, and managing finances.

Production Associate

Posted on May 23

The Department

We here at Jellyvision are the proud parents of ALEX®( , an interactive employee communications platform that happens to share some DNA (and a sense of humor) with the smash-hit trivia video game YOU DON’T KNOW JACK®, created by Jellyvision's founder. ALEX makes navigating tricky decisions—like choosing and using employee benefits or improving your financial wellness—easier, faster, and more helpful, not to mention entertaining. The success of the ALEX platform has exceeded our wildest dreams, (except for the part right before we woke up where our mom was riding a giraffe), which is why we need talented folks like you to help us help ALEX take over the world…er…continue to grow and succeed.

Your Role

We’re looking for Content Production Associates to join our team and deliver customized versions of our product to our awesome customers. Associates manage the production and delivery of ALEX to a portfolio of customers and also jump in to help their teammates on the regular. Pulling it off involves the following:
• Learning a bunch of new stuff pretty quickly. From your first day at Jellyvision, you’ll be learning a lot. We’ll train you up on the complex world of health care benefits, as well as our in-house software, tools, and systems. But don’t worry—we won’t throw you into the pool without an inflatable rubber ducky life preserver. Our Production team really is a team and we all keep learning as we go.
• Organization, communication, tools, and problem-solving. Making versions of ALEX involves a ton of quick—yet careful—coordination. You apply everything you learned in training and work closely with many other people and departments to get it all done.
• Bug-busting. When bugs in ALEX pop up, you’ll track down the problem and fix it, or quickly and courteously get coworkers to help. (Unless it’s a spider. Then you’re on your own, pal.) We’ll teach you all the skills you’ll need to know, but having some general-purpose tech-savvy is a plus!
• Customization building and management. Sometimes we build new features to meet the needs of a customer. You’ll learn how to customize ALEX using our unique software and work with other Jelly teams to ensure that all customizations are built exactly as the customer wishes (and that those wishes are granted on time).
• Amazing attention to detail and commitment to quality. You need to know everything that’s unique about your customers’ versions of ALEX, expertly document those differences, and make sure ALEX doesn’t have any spinach in his teeth before his big close-up.
• Getting it right and out the door. Then doing it again tomorrow. Our busy season—August, September, and October—is very deadline-heavy, so be prepared for an intense-yet-weirdly-fun experience.
Outside of that busy season, Content Production Associates also assist with one or more of the Production team's many projects, such as product development or process improvement.


Some experience in project coordination, editing, content management, or quality assurance is a helpful starting point for this role. And though Content Production Associates don’t interact directly with customers, a bit of customer service experience doesn't hurt.
But in general, we don’t care who you are, where you’re from, or what you did, as long as you love making great stuff and hitting deadlines and have the following skills:
• Top-notch communication: You can express yourself clearly and succinctly in person and on the page. You’re comfortable switching between a casual online chat with a coworker and carefully editing customer-facing content for spelling, grammar, and clarity. Most importantly, you can translate jargon into everyday language.
• Organization in spades: You know exactly what you need to do each day, and you can expertly keep track of the million spinning plates that make up any one customer’s version of ALEX.
• Logical thinking and problem solving: When a bug pops up, you can quickly investigate what’s going wrong and consider how it might relate to issues you’ve seen before.
• Self-direction and efficiency: You know how to hit deadlines and understand that detail-heavy work involves discipline and planning. You can expertly manage your own time and resources—and also know when to call in help (which is totally cool at Jellyvision).
• Attention to detail: You can make sure that customer data is error-free, bug tickets are clear and complete, and customizations to the product are beautiful, complete, and produced exactly as the customer requests.
You and ALEX will be perfectly in sync if you have these traits:
• An inquisitive, curious nature and a passionate love of learning new processes and tools.
• Flexibility and adaptiveness: You’re comfortable handling unexpected changes and willing to try new options when something isn’t working. Calmness under pressure, grace in giving and receiving feedback, resilience, self-sufficiency, and kindness are all key traits.
• Quick learning: We work in the employee benefits world, punctuated by exciting acronyms like FSA, HSA, HRA, SSNRA, HMO, and PPO. You must quickly pick those up, plus master our complex production process. A track record of learning new subjects fast (benefits or otherwise) would be excellent.
• Software savvy: You don’t need any particular tech training or experience, but you need to be comfortable with technology and confident that you can quickly learn our internal software and favorite applications. Mostly, you need to be bright, curious, and persistent.
• Proactivity, a pioneering attitude, and helpfulness: You can identify potential problems before they start and you love to pick up something new and try it out. You’re always willing to reach out and help your fellow teammates, both those on your immediate team and elsewhere at Jellyvision.
• A cool head and a good sense of humor: Our busy season is complicated and can be stressful. You’re invigorated by challenges and are committed to finding ways to satisfy customer needs in the simplest, most efficient ways. You can look on the bright side, see humor in tough situations, and find fun ways to delight your team and our customers.

9:17 AM: Grab some fresh-ground coffee and a granola bar from the office kitchen. Check your e-mail and job queue, and see that you have 24 tasks, all due today. Better start coordinating and bug fixing!
11:02 AM: With all bugs coordinated, turn your attention to editing three customers’ entries in our database. Triumphantly catch an error that would have made “PLACEHOLDER” show up where there should be dental plan details.
12:21 PM: Head down to the kitchen to heat up your lunch and chat with teammates about what you hope the Jellyvision band will play at the holiday party.
1:16 PM: Look at Customer A’s version of ALEX and make sure the new audio for that retirement customization is finalized and slotted in the right place.
2:34 PM: Get Customer X’s version back from QA. Verify for the third time that the tax savings section stopped freezing. Take a celebratory ping-pong break.
3:40 PM: A fellow Content Production Associate needs some volunteers to run through part of Customer Y’s ALEX to confirm that everything in a customization makes sense. You’ve got free hands and you’re ready to help.
5:57 PM: Approve Customer Z’s release—the medical customization looks great! All your tasks for the day are done, so you head home.

ANYTHING ELSE? Yes. We share a commitment to excellence and a desire to work in a comfortable, friendly atmosphere, so we only hire nice, bright, funny people who are willing to work hard. Our credo is a simple one: be helpful. And we think we can be most helpful if our workforce is as diverse in thought, perspective, and culture as the people who use our products. We are looking to add amazing folks to our team who will bring diversity across many lines, including race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, age, marital status, disability, gender identity, sex, and country of origin.

ARE THERE ANY PERKS? Yes, we love perks.
• Competitive pay, 401(k) with matching and benefits. We pay 100% of the cost of premiums for medical, dental, vision, disability and life insurance for our employees (as long as you qualify for our tobacco-free discount; if you’re a tobacco user, your medical premiums will be higher than $0). We also cover a really nice chunk of the cost of premiums for spouse/dependent medical, dental and vision insurance.
• Casual dress and a flexible schedule. Come in a sweatshirt, jeans, whatever, like everyone else here.
• Creative work environment. We are lucky to work in a place that is full of intelligent, talented and innovative folks. Although most hours the place is deathly quiet (we're a focused bunch), this is punctuated with hilarious outbursts and general merriment, which makes a nice way to spend the day.
• Free food. Every week, we stock our kitchen with free healthy snack foods, and we have a catered lunch every other week to give people a reason to hang out and eat together.
• Easy transportation and lots of love for folks who bike to work. We’re really close to the North/Clybourn red line stop and the Halsted (#8) bus (right by the Apple Store and Mega Whole Foods too), and we have a transit FSA that allows you to dedicate pre-tax dollars to public transportation expenses. A number of our employees like to bike to work, so we also have bike storage, showers and lockers in the office. And for those without their own bike in the city, we offer free divvy memberships – complete with Jellyvision bike helmets you can borrow from the office.
• Did we mention our yoga class? We bring a pro instructor right to the office. Fully subsidized by Jellyvision and fully optional, btw.
• Oh! And we have a massage chair. Not just any massage chair, my friend. It’s the HumanTouch HT 5320 WholeBody™ Massage Chair. Feeling a little stiff? Sit down. Relax. Feel better? Good. Okay, back to work.


We look forward to hearing about you and what you do. Make sure your application includes:
• A cover letter that highlights three reasons you think you’d be great for the gig, focusing on how your past experience has prepared you for this kind of position. Writing is key to all we do, and we weigh cover letters heavily. We love a cover letter that really shows us your personality (check out our company bios to see the wide range of personalities we’ve already got in house, but don’t stress if you’re not a comedian. You don’t have to be funny. Just be yourself. We’re mostly interested in learning who you are, what you love to do, and why you’d love to do it here with us.
• Your resume

You will receive an auto-reply confirming that we've received your application.
Please know that every single application we receive is read by a real live human being. However that kind of thoughtful review takes time, so it may take us a little while to get back to you (but we will, we promise). In the meantime, NO FOLLOW UP PHONE CALLS OR EMAILS, PLEASE. It’s not that we don’t love hearing from you. It’s just that time spent responding to follow ups could be spent…well…reading your application. Please rest assured that if you received a confirmation from Recruiting Robot, we’ve got your application, and will get back to you really soon. We knew you’d understand.
If you still have pressing questions in the meantime, please feel free to check out our handy-dandy FAQ page!

Thanks for your interest in Jellyvision!