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Project Management Associate w/Client Experience

Posted on May 23

The Department

We here at Jellyvision are the proud parents of ALEX® (, an interactive employee communications platform that happens to share some DNA (and a sense of humor) with the smash-hit trivia video game YOU DON’T KNOW JACK®, created by Jellyvision's founder. ALEX makes navigating tricky decisions—like choosing and using employee benefits or improving your financial wellness—easier, faster, and more helpful, not to mention entertaining. The success of the ALEX platform has exceeded our wildest dreams, (except for the part right before we woke up where our mom was riding a giraffe), which is why we need talented folks like you to help us help ALEX take over the world…er…continue to grow and succeed.

Your Role

We’re looking for Project Managers to serve as “Implementation Associates” for employers who license ALEX. This involves working with our customers (large employers and resellers) to deliver a customized version of ALEX that will delight and truly help employees make smart benefit decisions. You will become an expert in employee benefit plans so that you can work closely with our customers to understand benefit offerings, enter those offerings into our system, launch the product and provide ongoing product support.

Specifically, as an Implementation Associate for ALEX, you will be doing:
Project management
• Analyze customer benefit packages to determine fit with Jellyvision’s proprietary software. (Don’t worry if you don’t have benefits experience! It’s definitely a nice-to-have, but we can also help you learn along the way.)
• Document and communicate any fit issues you identify both internally and externally, and propose ways to resolve them.
• Work closely with the Production team to execute individual “releases” of ALEX for each customer you’re assigned to.
• Keep each customer release on track, even when you are feeling the pressure from our seasonal business. We try to mitigate it, but we need to be honest: we are really, really busy from mid-August through mid-November.
• Think at least two steps ahead to try to make everyone’s lives smoother and happier.
• Document process and product issues and ideas for improvement so that we are continually getting better at what we do and how we do it.
• Work closely with the Production team to develop future versions of ALEX and ensure the product continues to meet customers’ needs.

Customer relationship management
• Manage or support the customer transition from sales to implementation/production, ensuring a smooth changeover between steps.
• Dazzle customers with competence, charm and wit so that they love us.
• Communicate project schedules and progress to customers so that they always know where we are in completing each release.
• Help customers understand custom project options when needed.
• Document customer-specific issues and custom work for use in future years.


• First and foremost, great communication skills. You will be responsible for communicating both internally and externally about projects (verbally and in writing), making certain everyone involved knows what is going on and what has changed. You will also need to be able to understand and succinctly bridge the gap between the creative and the technical, the design and the implementation.
• Great organizational skills and impeccable attention to detail (especially with spreadsheets!). We have that annual “busy” season called “Open Enrollment” that is much like tax season for accountants. Accordingly, much of this job involves bringing order out of chaos during a compressed, high-pressure period of time. We’ve found that the kind of person who enjoys organization for organization’s sake is probably the best fit - we’re looking for the kind of people who derive great pleasure from making their budget balance to the penny, who enjoy creating binders for their takeout menus, who make spreadsheets when they pack for vacation. You know who you are. And we love you.
• But that kind of organization can’t make you rigid - you will need to be extremely flexible, because you will have to be comfortable jumping back and forth between customer meetings, sales calls, entering customer data into our system, analyzing customers’ benefits packages, working with our internal staff to resolve issues, and handling anything else that comes up in a day.
• Project and time management skills in spades. You need to be capable of balancing the need for an on-time, on-budget project while delivering a highly creative and effective end product.
• Technically savvy – or at least a comfort level with learning, discussing and understanding technical issues. We’re looking for someone who is capable and comfortable working with engineers and who is ready to stay abreast of tools and advances in technology related to the interactive communications industry.
• Ability to absorb information quickly. You’ll need to learn our product, our systems for implementing customers, and employee benefits (if you don’t come in with benefits knowledge) all in a short span of time. If you’ve had to learn how to work with proprietary technology in a previous role, that experience will serve you well.
• The ability to be charming, especially while being persistent. We are but one of a thousand things that our customers work on, so it’s important to make them know what we are doing and keep them engaged, but without being overbearing.
• You must be an assertive, resourceful, and creative problem solver. Things go wrong. But you should be looking forward to anticipate areas of concern or risk for our projects. When unanticipated issues come up at exactly the wrong time (as they tend to do), you should be world-class at quickly and constructively working with members of the team to find solutions.
• The ability to jump in and help out. This is a “get your hands dirty” position, and you’ll need to really understand our business, process and tasks so that you can help others effectively do their jobs.
• You are going to have to be firm but diplomatic. The job will require listening to many different people with different sets of priorities and finding creative solutions that work for all – and barring that, ironing out compromises that ultimately maintain the quality of our products.
• Last but not least, a sense of humor is a must. Bizarre taste in music and/or deep knowledge of useless pop culture trivia is a plus.

We’re looking for candidates with an interest in implementation or project management and who have up to a year or two of related experience. Please note that this isn’t a role for senior folks. We’re looking for the right personality type as much as we are the right experience, so we’re open to folks with a wide variety of backgrounds, but our dream candidate will have:

Project/Account management experience
• Past roles where you had to balance internal and external (customer) requirements and budget realities.
• Responsibility for schedules.
• The demonstrated ability to rock a spreadsheet, revel in the details, and possess the kind of voodoo magic that allows you to be both a task master and generally fun person to hang around with.
• Experience performing under pressure during a “busy season” would be a huge plus.

Other good stuff
• You must be a critical thinker. Someone who enjoys solving problems. A person who says “Aha, I’ve got it!” on a fairly regular basis.
• Experience in the world of benefits (medical, dental, life, disability, vision, FSA) in sales or account management, working in the plan design and/or renewal process is a plus, but not a necessity.

ANYTHING ELSE? Yes. We share a commitment to excellence and a desire to work in a comfortable, friendly atmosphere, so we only hire nice, bright, funny people who are willing to work hard. Our credo is a simple one: be helpful. And we think we can be most helpful if our workforce is as diverse in thought, perspective, and culture as the people who use our products. We are looking to add amazing folks to our team who will bring diversity across many lines, including race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, age, marital status, disability, gender identity, sex, and country of origin.

ARE THERE ANY PERKS? Yes, we love perks.

For a detailed outline of the perks we offer our full-time employees, please visit:


We look forward to hearing about you and what you do. Make sure your application includes:
• A cover letter that highlights three reasons you think you’d be great for the gig, focusing on how your past experience has prepared you for this kind of position. Writing is key to all we do, and we weigh cover letters heavily. We love a cover letter that really shows us your personality (check out our company bios to see the wide range of personalities we’ve already got in house), but don’t stress if you’re not a comedian. You don’t have to be funny. Just be yourself. We’re mostly interested in learning who you are, what you love to do, and why you’d love to do it here with us.
• Your resume

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