Software Engineer

Posted on May 15

The Department

The team you’d join:

DialogTech’s Attribution team codes the glue that ties your web experience to your phone experience and then channels this data into tools that allow our clients to better understand their customer’s experience. The process is called “attribution” and we accomplish this by creating and consuming APIs that gather and merge large volumes of data from many systems and then make this data available to our clients in reports, APIs, and GUIs.

Our technology stack is deeply diverse – In addition to a variety of 3rd party APIs, it includes an assortment of programming languages and AWS products. Most of our new projects are being written in Node.js and we have repositories with Node.js, PHP, and Python. As a member of the attribution team, you’d be encouraged and enabled to stay abreast of current technology trends and to use that research to contribute to the industry’s leading product.

Your Role

Where you fit in:

You will be working with our attribution team as a back-end engineer to help expand our core call tracking product, SourceTrak.
Attribution team works with various tools and services in AWS including RDS MySQL, DynamoDB, EC2, Lambda, Kinesis, and SQS.
Integrate with technologies from key partners including Google, Adobe, Salesforce, Microsoft, and Amazon while building new products.
Collaborate with Attribution team to research, define, test, and code solutions for an industry leading product that does attribution, call tracking, call routing, and call analytics.


Ideal Experience:

Passionate and curious about technology -- researches trends, advocates best practices, and finds applications of new technology to customer needs
2-5 years of experience developing with modern languages, preferably several different languages. In use today: Node.js, Python, PHP, JavaScript
Collaborated with teams doing lean software development, agile software development, and/or continuous deployment practices
Familiarity with several data storage engines including DynamoDB, SQL, NoSQL, Elastic, Redis and the contexts in which they are appropriate
Working understanding of API design including building and consuming 3rd party APIs. Experience with any of the following: Google Adwords, Adobe Analytics, Marin, Double Click, Adobe Media Optimizer, Optimizely, Hubspot, and Convertro is a plus.
Experience with a wide variety of enterprise application integration patterns, their tradeoffs and proper contexts for use