We are Snap36

Our Office
Our Office

Snap36 combines both the studio & office area into one grand space. The studio includes 27 custom-built, robotic photography stations, with 11,000 ft2 of storage space industrial size refrigeration & freezing units, and a three-bay loading dock. The office area features team-oriented sections equipped with adjustable standing desks, as well as collaboration and social spaces to foster communication and encourage connectivity among employees.


We're Supportive: It's amazing how much gets done when no one cares who gets the credit.

We're Open: What we lack in politics and hierarchy, we make up for in collaboration and transparency.

We're Flexible: We understand that when life gives you lemons, you need to make lemonade… or work from home.

We're Fun: We believe in a dog-friendly environment that encourages big dreams and beer Fridays.


Snap36 is the leading rich product content solution for retailers and brands, enabling them to improve consistency and trust during the online purchase experience. Rather than using traditional photography processes, Snap36 efficiently automates image capture using innovative robotic equipment and workflow software.

Snap36 has developed a seamless operational workflow with the capacity to shoot roughly 2,000 products per day.