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Our Office
Our Office

p44's office features full-size windows, reclaimed wood, and plenty of modern fixtures. Walls are white-boarded to inspire ideas. The office was designed by CEO and Founder, Jett McCandless, who took feedback from employees, and built a space with multiple ways to release stress, promote collaboration, and keep a work-life balance. There are games, beer, food, and LaCroix in the kitchen, and outstanding views in all directions.


project44 prioritizes a healthy work/life balance. The dress code is casual, and employees are encouraged to bring their personality into their workspaces. Management is flexible with work schedules, as long as team members hold themselves accountable. The office environment is very relaxed, with people gathering in the common areas, and staying late to enjoy a beer or healthy snack.


project44 is a hypergrowth startup. Things get hectic from time to time, and it can definitely be hard work, but it's also fun and extremely rewarding. It's a chance to get in on the ground floor of a company that is truly revolutionizing an industry with modern technology.