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About InContext Solutions

InContext Solutions is the global leader in scalable cloud-based virtual reality (VR) shopping and retail solutions, dedicated to providing decision-critical insights for manufacturers and retailers. In a time when brick-and-mortar stores are being challenged by the rapidly evolving world of e-commerce, we have revolutionized the way companies understand shopper behavior.

Our Culture

Our values are not just words on a paper, they are the rules by which we engage with one another, our customers, and our partners, each and every day.

1. We believe no problem is unsolvable, no client need unfulfillable.

2. We recognize that great ideas hold great power.

3. We strive to be humble, be kind and empower one another.

4. We believe in integrity and honesty, always.

5. We know change is constant, necessary, and welcome.


Founded in 2009, we provide a unique, in-depth perspective on what consumers see on the shelf, how this drives their purchase behavior, and why. With the power of ShopperMX™—the world’s first cloud-based virtual store simulations and shopper insights platform—our clients can ideate new in-store concepts, evaluate with test shoppers, and activate those concepts to market. It’s hindsight, upfront.