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Our Office
Our Office

Sprout Social has a beautiful office space in downtown Chicago in the Citadel Center. We have an open floor plan that allows for team collaboration. It's important for our team members to be comfortable while they work so there are quite a few alternatives work spaces. Sprout is a Chicago born & raised company, so we are proud to feature designs by many locals Chicago artists. Our state-of-the-art kitchen and stocked snack room are an A+ perk.


Our team’s shared belief in Sprout’s mission promotes a culture of openness, empowerment & fun. We are a people-first company and believe that if you are a happy and healthy human being, you will be a hard-working employee. We have incredible benefits that support our different team members, such as free lunch, complimentary yoga, new equipment, 401k contribution, undefined PTO, generous parental leave, and corporate & social responsibility.


We want working at Sprout to be a fulfilling experience both personally and professionally and over the past seven years we’ve developed a culture that ensures that happens. People at Sprout are empowered to take on projects and challenges that interest them and support their growth and are encouraged to have some fun along the way.

In both our product and our company environment, we truly believe that open communication creates progress.